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Seduction Hills: 6 Sensual Stories Claudia D. Zawa

Seduction Hills: 6 Sensual Stories

Claudia D. Zawa

Kindle Edition
76 pages
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 About the Book 

Six hot stories guaranteed to satisfy your carnal cravings. Includes:Vampire Pleasure TrainA woman on a train falls in love with a seductive vampire queen.Nasty Vampire NunA vampire queen living in an ancient pirate ship seduces a suicidal, nasty nun.Brainwashing LesbiansA demented governor of a small town vows to cure lesbianism with her brainwashing machine.Sensual Exorcist: Book 1Alexa isnt your normal exorcist. She uses her sensual abilities to cast out demons, and she gets paid to do it. Her life is perfect: pleasurable job, big condo, new boyfriend... What could go wrong? Find out in this first installment of Sensual Exorcist.Killer JudgeA retired zombie hunter goes after his daughters abusive boyfriend.Suicide Jump VampiresTwo vampires escape from a military experiment and prove their love for each other by jumping off a building.Warning: These short stories contain explicit scenes of sensual activity. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult readers only.