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Cruel Irony Wendy L Blood

Cruel Irony

Wendy L Blood

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A womans dangerous and suspenseful journey in her deadly quest for revenge.Lisa Black, a woman with a tragic childhood, lives for revenge. From witnessing her mothers rape to learning that her grandfather had molested her mother when she was growing up. She was abused as a child and felt unloved and abandoned. She began living in her own deadly reality in order to survive. Her heart grows cold and her soul turns black as she grows into a young woman. She turns to gruesome murder to ease the pain caused by others, especially men. She searches for happiness but cant escape the demons of her past.Jake Damino, once a good man with a loving heart, is now a selfish man with no ambition and a passion for sex and drugs. When he and Lisa move to Las Vegas, he turns into a man she no longer recognizes. She thought he would love her forever until his ultimate betrayal. When he and her friend ripped her world apart, she began to live for the day she could destroy them both completely. Michael Wagner, a devastatingly handsome Hollywood movie producer, grew up with the ideal childhood and two loving parents. He becomes hugely successful, and women everywhere desire him. He isnt looking for love- hes too busy with his career, until he unexpectedly meets the one woman who will change his life forever. After months of working on his latest blockbuster movie, he goes on a Hawaiian cruise where he meets Lisa, the woman of his dreams with a past that would become his nightmare. She captivates him in everyway, and its love at first sight. These three peoples lives become intertwined and collide with deadly force. Each brings with them the ghosts from their past, and the fear and insecurities of their future. Life is full of irony, CRUEL IRONY!!!