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The Bustan of Sadi Muslih-ud-din Sadi

The Bustan of Sadi

Muslih-ud-din Sadi

Kindle Edition
78 pages
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 About the Book 

This is a prose translation of the Bustan of Sadi, originally published as part of the Wisdom of the East series in the early 20th century, and long out of print. This little book is full of practical spiritual wisdom. Sadi doesnt lean on allegory as much as other Sufi writers of the period- most of the stories in this collection have a pretty obvious moral lesson.If among the twenty-two works with which Sadi enriched the literature of his country the Gulistan rank first in popularity, the Bustan (lit. the Orchard) may justly claim equal precedence in point of interest and merit.Table of ContentsChapter I. Concerning Justice, Counsel, and the Administration of GovernmentChapter II. Concerning BenevolenceChapter III. Concerning LoveChapter IV. Concerning HumilityChapter V. Concerning ResignationChapter VI. Concerning ContentmentChapter VII. Concerning EducationChapter VIII. Concerning GratitudeChapter IX. Concerning RepentanceChapter X. Concerning PrayerAbout the PublisherOrangeSky Project is the publisher of high quality Kindle texts on diverse subject such as classics, philosophy, religion, mythology, science and self-development.OrangeSky Project is about sharing information on Kindle format. Visit us at www.mehmetgok/orangesky