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Golden Wings (Green Heart, #5) Marlies Bugmann

Golden Wings (Green Heart, #5)

Marlies Bugmann

Published December 3rd 2010
185 pages
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 About the Book 

Owing to confusion, I say this here:My Winnetou (trilogy) books are:Winnetou I - Winnetou Trilogy Volume OneWinnetou II - Winnetou Trilogy Volume TwoWinnetou III - Winnetou Trilogy Volume Three(Winnetou II without the byline, but with ISBN 1419635174 (ISBN13: 9781419635175) is the first edition - it is out of print - the content differs.)Complete Winnetou Trilogy(hard cover), the book with the red sunset and Winnetou and Old Shatterhand riders, is mine.The six pocket editions:Winnetou and the GreenhornWinnetou and Old ShatterhandWinnetou and Old DeathWinnetou and Old FirehandWinnetou and Sans-EarWinnetou on Hancock Mountainare also mine. Any books of different title, and without my name on the cover, are not my (Winnetou) books- however, they may be listed as different editions together with mine.:-)I started writing small essays several decades ago, some were published, others vanished. Between 1995 and 2000 the idea of writing a book came into my head - and thankfully those experiments are now out-of-print. In 2002 Zumaya Publishing accepted my series of Tasmanian childrens adventure stories - featuring rare and endangered native animals, cared for by the children of Sassafras Creek Valley. In 2006, a couple of young fans came to visit their favourite author of animal books - all the way from Seattle, USA.2004 - 2014, ten years of translating Karl May, and creating new Karl May art. Since I began in July, 2004, I have translated (and published) fifteen (15) full-length Karl May novels (three of which will become available towards the end of January 2014), as well as thirty-seven (37) short stories- I also researched, wrote and produced the first English biography of Karl May. I am now working on three works to be published during 2014.In 2008, I became the first author/translator to have translated and produced the entire unabridged Winnetou trilogy from Karl Mays last authorised version of 1909- it is the first publishing of the unabridged trilogy as a homogeneous work by a single translator in English (including editing and proof reading, design and formatting, as well as cover art). Winnetou is also, for the first time, printed and distributed in Australia, making it the first tangible connection between Karl May and Australia. This edition is entirely, and proudly, made in Australia.Translating Karl May is a way of life for me, literally. I grew up with Winnetou & Old Shatterhand in the cinema and on television, and owned a total of four (yes - 4 - !) Karl May novels: Winnetou I, II, and III, as well as The Treasure in Silver-Lake. After emigrating to New Zealand I lost touch with the Teutonic heroes, but in the year 2000 became acquainted with Amazon.com, and the first search I executed was for an author almost completely unknown in the English speaking realms - Karl May! When I could hardly find English translations of my favourite author, I decided to translate some of his novels myself, and in July of 2004 embarked upon transforming Mays Christmas novel into an English rendition.- - -My passion about the rare and threatened Tasmanian fauna and flora inspired a series of illustrated childrens adventure novels set in remote and exotic Tasmania, titled The Green Heart Books, with: Kangaroo Dog, Bluegum Christmas, Tazzie Devil Double Trouble, Quoll Quandary, Golden Wings and Bat Whispers- my own Bernese Mountain Dog, Bertie, inspired Swiss Tradition In Black & White, a compact work about the history of this Swiss icon, the breeds development and how to care for a magnificent and loving friend. Visit www.tasmanianartist.com.- - -Tasmanias remote and exotic location also gave rise to several other works, Wafters, Frazzlers & Black Unicorns, a Tasmanian fairystory book with tales collected over many years- and Birds In Tasmania a photo book by David Irwin, a passionate bird photographer. Visit Davids bird photography websi