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God Versus Religion: Experience a Great Awakening Paul F. Davis

God Versus Religion: Experience a Great Awakening

Paul F. Davis

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 About the Book 

If you feel dead and powerless in your walk with God, change old religious ways into a relationship with God. God vs. Religion explains in great detail the difference between religion and relationship. It points out the importance of understanding that God desires presence with us rather than presents from us. A sharp contrast between religion and relationship is presented through the experience of author Paul Davis. He used to go to church as a religious tradition. Then he had a spiritually impacting experience that gave him a relationship with God. Davis not only shares his personal experiences but warns against the way religion: * Misrepresents God * Fosters the erroneous human tendency toward self-sufficiency * Promotes satanic counterfeits * Preys on those who lack knowledge of truth * Pushes rigid rules * Accuses and condemns * Exalts presents of temporal value over Gods presence * Denies the ministry of Spirit and truth * Substitutes futile works for a God-initiated relationship * Holds people in lifeless, loveless bondage Religion, says Davis, is Gods enemy, mans crutch, and Satans deception. Gods desire for us to is to enjoy spending time with Him in His presence. Knowing God and having a relationship with Him is not boring. Instead, it brings joy.