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Comical Vacations 1 Maureen Reil

Comical Vacations 1

Maureen Reil

Published March 5th 2015
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Comical Vacations1(Three-Book Bundle)ContentsThe Finch Family HolidayWISH YOU WERE HERE would be the words written on a dirty postcard from Blackpool that Kitty Finch would send home to the rest of her family, if only, they were not already there with her. So meet the Finch family as Kitty’s Mum and Dad in the year of their 25th wedding anniversary take them lot back to the very place where they had spent their first ever vacation together as man and wife, in a Blackpool camp-site for a typically British seaside holiday. Spend time getting to know the multi-generational clan and their little ways, which can drive a person bonkers if you have to live with them for ten days like Kitty did. Will Kitty be able to enjoy the excursions, when plagued with the arthritis she suffers from? On the other hand, will she want to end it all off the top of The Blackpool Tower through embarrassment before their final day is done? Will everyone else survive the holiday come to that?There are a couple of surprises joining them for the ride and plenty of comedic complications to overcome. Can Kitty really put her marriage to Mason behind her since the divorce and perhaps, have a holiday romance with someone new? Read this funny, feel good fiction to find out.The Finch Family Holiday 2Fancy a fun British holiday with the wacky Finch family in The Lake District then you are very welcome to join them for their second zany outing. In this laughter-filled story, Kitty has found herself a boyfriend that she met through the internet and she has invited the current man in her life to come along with them. Does her ex-husband approve of this new dude and does Kitty care if Mason cares? Will Kitty’s continuing battle with her health issues interfere somewhat with them having a good time, not to mention the mishaps, misunderstandings and general mayhem all round?Everyone tries their best to bond together on this exciting trip, only to rub each other up the wrong way. While a blast from the past manages to upset an excursion and causes Kitty yet more grief. As Kitty wonders if the local myths truly exist and is there a monster lurking at the bottom of the lake. Moreover, can a witch really put a curse on Kitty when she is made of stone? This is the least of her woes when she suspects a real post office robbery has taken place. Is it a crime to want this ten-day stint away from home, not to end up a complete disaster? Go on- I dare you to crack open the cover of this holiday scrapbook looking journal to discover what they did on their vacation.The Finch Family Holiday 3It is that time of year again folks, yes summer is here so batten down the hatches because the Finch family are heading for Cornwall to stay in a holiday home by the sea with its own secluded beach. Sounds idyll, sounds relaxing and sounds like a lot of fun in the sun so one out of three is not bad since all is not what it seems and how is Kitty Finch supposed to chill out when there are certain people winding her up from start to finish. As extra members of the clan are joining them for the ten-day humorous adventure so sparks could fly if someone lit a match to ignite the tension, sexual or otherwise. There are days out to look forward to in Cornwall where the Finch family discover new things, try out new stuff and resort to old tricks when needs be.Will Kitty’s cousin get the better of her on this comical vacation? Will Kitty Finch be involved in any holiday romances or just watching from the sidelines, as per usual? Will a cardboard figure and a knitted scarecrow survive the vacation to go on another one?So come along and catch up with the funny Finches as they show you what having a British family holiday is about. Before that is, they embark on yet another hilarious outing in novel number four so take this as a warning not to forget to book early or risk missing out.